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Get To Know: Your Farm Table Neighborhood Coordinators, Part I

31 May

What did you think of the gigantic broccoli?

If you are like many Farm Table members, delivery day is a highly anticipated day. Your produce from the week before is dwindling, and the prospect of fresh, new produce makes your mouth water. But do you know who delivers the food to your doorstep or workplace? We would like to introduce you to our dedicated staff who bring you your food each week. We look forward to highlighting all of our Neighborhood Coordinators (in no particular order) over the remainder of the season in our “Get To Know” series.

Britt Klein, a Richmond resident for 10 years currently lives in the Museum District with her husband and son. The city doesn’t always afford much space for gardens, but she and her husband have planted their first one this year on a tiny patch of ground. Aside from gardening, she spends time grilling with friends, playing softball, and sampling different wines.  Britt  joined The Farm Table as a Neighborhood Coordinator when she left her full-time job in order to spend more time with her toddler son. She is passionate about local businesses and supporting farmers, so The Farm Table has been a great fit for those reasons. Britt has this to say to the members in her delivery area, “I’m an early bird, so if I’m your Neighborhood Coordinator (in the Fan), I may have woken you up a time or two delivering your produce! All my members look fantastic in their PJs, though!”

Betsy Loeb joined The Farm Table after hearing about it from a friend and now delivers to homes in Chesterfield.  Betsy describes her food habits as “terrible,” and that if left to her own devices she would eat like a 15-year-old. She is fortunate in that her husband is the corporate chef at a catering company, and he enjoys the challenge of coming up with new ideas and recipes to use up the vegetables that come each week, almost like an “Iron Chef on TV.” Betsy’s background is as a licensed landscape architect, but she enjoys the ability to stay home with her 4-year-old and 2-year-old children, and likes that she isn’t confined to an office during the best part of the day. In addition to The Farm Table, Betsy dabbles in landscape design, sews at home for a local company making handbags, and works with her husband’s catering company during big events. Betsy and her family enjoy hiking, camping, and being outdoors. She has picked up running again, and recently ran the Monument Avenue 10K the Run Like A Girl 8K.When she is not doing all that, she is the “head swing-pusher, Candy Land setter-upper, and train track reconnecter” at home.

Lois Abel decided to join The Farm Table because she is “passionate about good, healthy food, and wants to support local farmers.” She lives 20 minutes from the city, outside of The Farm Table’s delivery area, and determined the only way she could enjoy the produce was to participate in the actual delivery process.  Lois delivers produce from Crozier to N. Parham Road, mostly in the River Road area.  Lois enjoys toting her 2 year old daughter along on delivery day, and her daughter enjoys listening to music and playing with her dolls or play dough while they drive around. Lois, originally from Canada, and her husband, originally from India, moved to Richmond a year ago from Hyderabad, India following a job transfer for her husband who works in IT. They cook a lot of Indian food and are trying to grow some okra and eggplant so we can make them into curries. Lois was a preschool teacher for 10 years, and is slowly getting used to being a stay at home mom!  Lois and her daughter enjoy getting out on Thursday mornings to “do something for other people.”

Jen Russo is in her second year as The Farm Table’s Neighborhood Coordinator for the Virginia Center Commons area.  She’s mama to a 10-year-old voracious reader, and a 5-year-old precocious adventurer.  A chocolate Lab has recently been added to the family; a dog who is as good as gold when people are around, but who, when left alone, will point out any food left out on the countertops… including Farm Table delivered bread (and we can’t blame him)!  Jen likes cooking with minimal fuss, so roasted veggies and Asian-style greens are her quick go-to’s.  She’s also a recent convert to the joys of crispy kale, a snack the kids will eat in abundance.  They’re like chips, but you can feel virtuous eating them!

Come meet your Neighborhood Coordinator at The Farm Table’s first ever ice cream social! We will be hosting an ice cream social on June 3rd from 3:00pm until dusk at Echo Lake Park.  Everyone is asked to bring their favorite ice cream.  The Farm Table will provide toppings and there will also be some hand cranks available so people can make ice cream at the park.  Anyone who has a hand crank ice cream maker is welcome to bring them. If you are a Farm Table member, you should have received an Evite already. Save The Date!